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Why join COHJS?

Well one simple thing to know is that admissions receipts only cover 35-45%
of the cost of putting on a show. Memberships pay for almost all of the rest!

But perhaps more important you help
keep hot jazz live + near home for listening, dancing, + playing!

Thanks so much for pitching in.

All members receive the COHJS newsletter - the Hot Sheet - before each show.
In addition, each Membership level enjoys these discounts off admission to shows:

 Individual - $20 ... $5 off general admission for you
 Family   -   $30 ... $5 off general admission for 2!
 Sustaining - $50 ... $5 off general admission for 4!
 Sponsor - $125 ... 2 people free to all the shows all year
 Patron   -   $250 ... 4 people free to all the shows all year
★ New for 2020 ★
Patron COHJS Members now ALSO receive
all the benefits of a SwingColumbus Ambassador member!

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COJHS is grateful for generous support from the Columbus Foundation Community Arts Fund, the Ingram-White Castle Foundation, and the Greater Columbus Arts Council for support for this season.

The Central Ohio Hot Jazz Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation dedicated to enjoying and sharing traditional American jazz of the early 20th century. Comes in many styles and called by many names - traditional jazz, Dixieland jazz, classic jazz, hot jazz, New Orleans style jazz ... or San Francisco, Chicago, Kansas City, New York style jazz.
We LISTEN, PLAY, + DANCE to it, especially LIVE and NEAR HOME!

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